Probate Court

Superintendent of Elections

Judge Huey Davis, Jr.

 P.O. Box 406

3550 West Hwy 84

Blackshear, GA 31516

Phone: 912-449-2029
Fax: 912-449-1417

The Probate Court Office is open Monday through Friday (except legal holidays) from 9am to 5pm. Marriage licenses are issued 9am-4:30pm.


The mission of the Probate Court is to carry out the duties assigned to it under the Constitution and laws of Georgia as a Court of Record with exclusive jurisdiction over the following: deceased persons' estates; guardianship of minors and incapacitated adults; determining the need for involuntary treatment of mentally ill, mentally retarded and drug and alcohol dependent individuals; and issuance of marriage and firearms licenses.

The Probate Court has original and exclusive jurisdiction over the probating of wills of decedents, appointing administrators and executors of decedent's estates; issuing marriage and firearms licenses; Birth and Death Certificates,  appointing guardians for minors and incapacitated adults; holding hearings and making judicial determinations in all controversies involving incapacitated adults, minors and estates of decedents. In addition, the probate court judge serves as the County Elections Superintendent, and as such, is responsible for conducting all elections held in Pierce County.